Free Grunge Brushes

  • Grunge Effect
    Grunge Effect
    Grunge effect is a great free brush to add a distressed look and feel to your proj...
  • Grungy Galaxies
    Grungy Galaxies
    A free brush which consists of a variety of textures which create a celestial effe...
  • Grimey Fingerprints
    Grimey Fingerprints
    Free brush set made of grunge textures and fingerprints. Fingerprints vary in size...
  • Grunge Technology
    Grunge Technology
    This brush set features a collection of grunge technology pieces. Each brush is un...
  • Simply Grunge
    Simply Grunge
    A set of 10 mixed grunge brushes, corners, scratches and lines great for grunging ...
  • Bad Copier
    Bad Copier
    If you need to duplicate the effects of using a copier gone bad, this is a great s...
  • Grunge Shapes
    Grunge Shapes
    This brush set features a collection of grungy shapes. Each brush is different and...
  • Grungy Corners
    Grungy Corners
    This brush set features a collection of grunge corner pieces. Each brush is unique...
  • Urban Backgrounds
    Urban Backgrounds
    One of the great things about brushes is that they can add that perfect amount of ...
  • Grunge Corners
    Grunge Corners
    A great useful set of grunge corners, perfect for adding effects to images. Use to...
  • Crop Grunge
    Crop Grunge
    These are great grunge circles perfectly designed to resemble broken up circles, u...
  • Rusted Acid Bath
    Rusted Acid Bath
    If you need a rusted, acid bathed, or just plain grunge feel, look no further. Thi...
  • Grunge Pixels
    Grunge Pixels
    A set of 12 various grunge brushes, ranging from pixel sized to large brick walled...
  • Acid Splattered Edges
    Acid Splattered Edges
    A perfect addition for any project that needs that grunge look on the edges. Depen...
  • Cracked Grunge
    Cracked Grunge
    A nice series of dry cracked brushes. Great for scenes and dried desert ground, bu...