Free Other Brushes

  • Warhammer 40k
    Warhammer 40k
    36 faction icon brushes from the Warhammer 40k game. These symbolic icons can be u...
  • Charcoal Art Brushes
    Charcoal Art Brushes
    18 high quality and very high definition charcoal art brushes are ready to be down...
  • General Brush Set
    General Brush Set
    You can download 8 basic brushes in this set that can be useful anytime: watercolo...
  • Cute Weather Icons
    Cute Weather Icons
    This is a very simple and small brush pack of weather icons. Perfect for weather u...
  • Fire Clouds
    Fire Clouds
    Mystic set of fx fire burning brushes that were created from scratch. Non-commerci...
  • Bling Bling
    Bling Bling
    Shiny happy brushes for shiny happy designers. Get it now by clicking on download.
  • Metal Chains
    Metal Chains
    Very simple, very basic chain brush, but as simple as it is, it's a pretty useful ...
  • Monster High - Grab And G...
    Monster High - Grab and Go Stickers
    Monster High monster pack sticker brushes. The 157 brushes were made in Photoshop ...
  • Creased Paper
    Creased Paper
    This is a creased paper brush. The use is pretty limited, but it looks cool anyway!
  • Sparkle Effects
    Sparkle Effects
    A nice collection made in Photoshop 7 that includes soft, sparkle and hazy brush e...
  • Dragon Brushes
    Dragon Brushes
    16 high resolution dragon for all you Khaleesis and fantasy fans out there! Once y...
  • Dynamic Lights Effect
    Dynamic Lights Effect
    Create special effects lighting with this brush set. They work well with overlay a...
  • Digital Charcoal
    Digital Charcoal
    This is the digital emulation of the charcoal on paper. Or as close as you can get...
  • Must Have Brushes
    Must Have Brushes
    Okay, this set contains only 3 brushes, but they are the most essential and useful...
  • Tv Towers
    TV Towers
    Famous TV Towers from Tokyo, Shanghai and other cities to use for your cityscape d...