Free Photoshop Brushes

  • Cute Clouds
    Cute Clouds
    This cloud set is best used with low Opacity and Flow, and try to combine two or m...
  • Crack Effect
    Crack Effect
    The pack includes both the .abr and the preview images so you can use both of them.
  • Star Set
    Star Set
    A collection of 6 high resolution star brushes. Feel free to use them for your spa...
  • Basic Brushes For Photoshop
    Basic Brushes for Photoshop
    36 different standard and basic brushes for multiple uses for different designs.
  • 45 Basic Brushes
    45 Basic Brushes
    This big pack of basic brushes is intended to be used with graphic tablets. Can be...
  • Icon Brushes
    Icon Brushes
    16 different small (100 pixels x 100 pixels) brushes that comes with Photoshop CS6...
  • Dog Paws
    Dog Paws
    Download this selection of dog paw brushes to create designs related to animals an...
  • Water Splash Set
    Water Splash Set
    Here you can find 15 High Def water splash brushes and they are free to use for pe...
  • Hq Paint Splash
    HQ Paint Splash
    Get 15 high quality paint splatter brushes in this pack. Free to use for both pers...
  • Smoke And Ink Brushes
    Smoke and Ink Brushes
    This nice set includes 20 high quality (high res) smoke and ink brushes.
  • Versatile Brushes
    Versatile Brushes
    This pack of 20 brushes covers all the basics: - Round brushes - soft and hard ...
  • Floral Frames
    Floral Frames
    Beautiful floral frames for decorating your design. You will find 6 brushes in thi...
  • Bloody Splatter
    Bloody Splatter
    There are 12 different blood splats in this pack. Quite useful if you are into gor...
  • Moon Phases
    Moon Phases
    From new Moon to full Moon you can find 13 different stages of the Moon in this br...
  • Essential Brush Collection
    Essential Brush Collection
    These 11 brushes are for the daily use in Photoshop. The basic watercolor brushes ...