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Two women talking to each other concept. Female characters communicate and discuss news. Friends have dialogue about their affairs and hobbies. Speech bubble. Cartoon modern flat vector illustration 1 PETE, 2 HDPE, 3 PVC V, 4 LDPE, 5 PP, 6 PS, 7 OTHER, 70 GLS, 71 GLS, 72 GLS, 73 GLS, 20 PAP, 21 PAP 22 PAP, 50 FOR, 51 FOR, 60 TEX, 61 TEX, 40 FE, 41 ALU, 81 PAPPET Solidarity and unity concept. People of different nationalities and skin colors hold hands and support each other. International collaboration and teamwork. Cartoon modern flat vector illustration Different people join hands in a fit of teamwork. A group of people strives for a common goal in their work. Together strength, confidence and result. Friendship and helping each other in unity.