Pencil Brush Photoshop

Artists often turn to Photoshop and similar software to create digital art. Creating art in real life is enjoyable because of the exciting process and the control you can get with your hand, but many people decide to turn to digital creating because they find quite a lot of benefits in it. All in all, it's much easier to carry your art around, you can always work on your technique without creating a mess, you can easily share it with anyone, you can replicate it and print it on different formats, etc.

If you're an artist that decided to try digital art, you may notice that one of the things that you're lacking is the feeling of carefree creating and the messiness that happens when you're creating by hand. It's the little things in the process like the moments when you're creating a sketch, only to line it out after and create the final version of what your art will look like.

The pencil sketching part is something that all artists do when they draw by hand, and it's something they all miss when they turn to digital drawing. However, once they find out that software like Photoshop can give them back the sensation of pencil drawing, they're all set to go again. They're even happier because now they can change the sketches, copy them for another outline and do more manipulations with it.

So, how do you get the pencil experience back? Photoshop has a lot of ready-made options for its users, and one of the more essential things is the brushes and the sets of brushes that you get and those that you can download. There are quite a lot of free brush sets as well, since many artists have been struggling to find their favorite tools as well and are providing it to the rest of the community for free.

Some of these artists have made a brush that imitates a pencil, and you can use it the same way you would use a regular one. You won't get the feeling of your hand rubbing against the paper, but that's maybe even better because you won't be able to smudge up your artwork.

There are a lot of choices online when it comes to the type of pencil, the hardness, the shape, and the texture, so you can pretty much copy the usual pencils that you use when you're sketching in real life. Make sure that you try out a few models before you go for one specific brush because some of these can be much better in quality than the others.

In Photoshop, pencil brushes are handy and there are quite a lot of people that swear by them. Don't be afraid to invest in a proper pack or a preset of these brushes since they can be handy and a great way to update your game even further and take it to the next level. You and your customers will surely be happy and satisfied with this new tool.