FBrushes Licenses

FBrushes License


By downloading a free resource from FBrushes you are being granted a license to use this file under certain conditions. FBrushes retains Ownership and copyright of the file. You are required to abide by the following licensing terms. 

- All uses of this free file must contain an attribution link back to FBrushes.com or the specific download page of the resource. This includes download links from other blogs or webpages as well.


- You may use this resource (or adaptations of this resource) in both personal and commercial (single use) projects. For example, you may use this resource in client work or one-off projects. But you cannot use the resource in multiple applications or for a project that will be distributed. For example, you cannot use this resource on an album cover, book cover or t-shirt design that will be printed and distributed to multiple people.


- All sharing of this resource must be done using a link to the original FBrushes.com download page. You can not distribute or resell this resource, or its derivatives. You can not upload this resource to other websites or blogs.



 - You MAY post information about our resources on your websites without needing to contact us for permission.

 - You may NOT host our files on your server or link to our files directly unless we give you permission to do so


Creative Commons Licenses


Please visit CreativeCommons.org for detailed information.