Chicken Scratch

This brush set features a collection of scratch sketches. Each brush is different and provides a variety of quick sketches that one might do on a scratch piece of paper or while one is doodling. This is a great set for anyone that needs some authentic chicken scratch for their current project.

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Grunge texture of hand-drawn chaotic doodles. A monochrome background of children's sloppy scrawl with curved lines with a pen and a dotted line. Overlay template. Vector illustration Vintage Crispy Chicken metal sign. Vintage Style Chicken Menu Stamps Young man scratching arm. Guy suffering from strong allergy skin itchy symptom in flat design. Red rash skin irritation.
Chicken Scratch
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Rash flat line icon. Vector illustration allergy, scabies, chicken pox, rubellarash. Shingles. Herpes zoster, viral disease with skin rush with stripe of blisters appearance. Flat vector illustration Woman with skin problems. Psoriasis or eczema concept. Flat style vector illustration. 
Rash fever. German measles. A sick boy with fever and red rash. Gel reduces heat. Feeling bad when symptoms. Cartoons of rubella virus. Cause of infection.

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