Metallic Tattoos

One of the latest fads is to put on metallic temporary tattoos. This set features a great collection of typical designs that you’d find on these metallic temp tattoo sheets. The majority of them have sharp angles with a few feathers and the alike mixed in. This is ideal for anyone that is working with a project that needs to add such tattoos.

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Abstract tattoo spider sketch. Artistic death metal logo design. Black illustration in Metalcore style on a white background. Set of three cards or icons. Blades with Manga anime Eyes, Snake, Fish. Abstract Hand drawn Vector trendy illustrations. Cool simple design. Minimalistic style. Tattoo or print idea. Heart with barbed wire and flaming red nimbus. Vector illustration on isolated background. Tattoo old school style. Acid Neo-tribal shapes. Abstract ethnic shapes in gothic style. Hand drawn modern elements for typography, tattoo, poster, cover. Vector illustration
Metallic Tattoos
Premium results from Shutterstock:
Iron Chain Monochrome Set Vector. Assortment Of Heavy Metallic Chain. Steel Tool With Ball And Padlock Engraving Concept Template Hand Drawn In Vintage Style Monochrome Illustrations Font Iron Brotherhood. Craft retro vintage typeface design. Graphic display alphabet. Fantasy type letters. Latin characters, numbers. Vector illustration. Old badge, label, logo template. Neo Tribal Tattoo Shapes Collection. Set Of Cyber Sigilism Y2k Streetwear Elements Vector Design. Dirty Death Metal Band Logo Sign. Collection Of Grunge Y2k Tattoo Streetwear Graphic Elements. Gothic Neo Tribal Cyber Sigilism Shapes Vector Design.

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