Retro Circle Pieces

If you need that retro circle look, but need a mix between full and partial circles, this is the set for you. This is an ideal set for anyone doing work with retro pieces that want vintage circles added to the project.

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Vector set of round adhesive stickers with a folded edges. Tan cardboard and white paper circles. Blank templates of a price tags. Empty mockup for any memos. Realistic textures. Transparent shadows. Set Of Different Pie Charts With Arrows Retro Colors Ancient mosaic frame. Decorative antique stone ornament. Abstract small white flowers motif pattern classic blue background. Modern bordure ditsy floral fabric design textile swatch, ladies dress, man shirt, fashion garment, silk scarf all over print block.
Retro Circle Pieces
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Checkers Board Game Pieces Vector Illustration Icon Mosaic tile decoration circle with central floral motif isolated on white background. Classic Roman mosaic. 
Ideal for floor and wall decoration. Each element is isolated and edited. Vector 10 EPS. Blank ripped cardboard note, edge torn paper shred, circular grunge page strip, white rip notebook border, isolated tear newspaper banner, vector illustration set. Isolated tear paper border, edge ripped newspaper note, blank rip notebook background, circular grunge page strip, white torn cardboard banner, vector illustration set.

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