This brush set features a collection of graffiti pieces. Each brush is unique and offers a variety of street art pieces you might find on any spot where graffiti is found. This is a great set for anyone that needs some authentic street art for their current projects.

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A design showcasing the concept of vitality, presented in graffiti-style lettering along with a catchy slogan, suitable for printing on t shirts Silhouettes of tagger with a backpack and sprays Korean childhood games. There are children who play the role of bridges and stakes, and other children jump on them and climb them. And play rock-paper-scissors with tagger. Korean translation Piling Korean chidhood game. Dalgona, Hopscotch, Five Stone Game, Piling Game.
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Silhouettes of taggers drawing graffiti Korean chidhood game. Children are playing a game of hopscotch. Tiny Bboys. A collection of masterfully drawn mascot characters with an urban street graffiti vibe. ..Teen glued to their smartphone, skateboard character, safari mascot, graffiti tagger mascot Boy Spray painting

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