A brush set reminiscent of aliens with flowing arms. Add them onto other brushes to add some motion and flow to a design. Good for use when adding a light style to a dance scene.

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Kraken and octopus tentacle, squid monster tattoo. Sea and ocean underwater creature or marine animal arms and limbs, isolated monochrome vector tentacles with suckers and curved rings Octopus tentacle banner design. Kraken squid cartoon octopus giant isolated monster ocean tentacle Tentacles of octopus, squid or kraken. Vector cartoon set of scary sea monster arms, purple and pink giant octopus tentacles with suckers. Cthulhu hands and legs isolated on white background Octopus tentacles reaching upwards, squid-like marine animal body parts protruding from out of frame, cut for food or frame design, cartoon sketch vector illustration.
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Set of octopus tentacles with suckers. Twisted long limbs of sea or ocean monsters. Arms of aquatic Kraken isolated on white background. Colored flat vector illustration of marine animal Octopus of tentacle isolated cartoon icon. Sea squid vector cartoon set icon. Vector illustration octopus of tentacle on white background . Octopus tentacles. Cartoon marine creature palpus, squid twisted limbs with suckers flat vector illustration set. Ocean cephalopod animal tentacles Vector illustration of a cute and beautiful octopus tentacle isolated on white background. Charming characters of curved octopus tentacles and bubbles in cartoon style.

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