A Nice set of thick rising smoke, great for dense effects, you can use layered to break apart an image, hide objects partially behind a smokescreen.

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Highly polluting factory plant with smoking towers and pipes. Carbon dioxide emissions. Environment contamination. Flat style vector illustration stone chimney icon vector illustration Flat design Environmental pollution and harmful emissions into the air and
modern city with a factory and black smoke coming from the chimneys Set of power stations and plants for energy generation. Different types of factory buildings of heavy industry, generating electricity. Colored flat vector illustration isolated on white background
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Industrial chimney. Manufacturing industrial chimney, toxic air chimney pipes, factory chimney smoke pollution vector illustration icons set. Plant emitting dirty smog, air pollution Colorful industrial chimneys with smoke flat set for web design. Cartoon pipes with steam of power energy plant isolated vector illustration collection. Industry factory and pollution concept Factory air pollution. Polluted environment, industrial smog and industry smoke clouds. Environment carbon dioxide pollutions, toxic factories building fumes or dirty fuel smog vector illustration energy generation plant with chimneys electricity production industrial manufacturing building heavy industry factory

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