Nice set of 3 speck brushes perfect for adding sparks to a flame, use as a mask to break apart an image, add some glowing fireflies to a evening scene, use in layers to add texture to a boring photo. Sprinkle some sand on a beach scene ro some floating dust to a vintage portrait.

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Seamless grunge speckle texture. Distress grain background. Grungy splash repeated effect. Dirty overlay repeating pattern. Print distressed effect. Splattered particles, splashes, drops wallpaper Quail egg. Pattern with imitation of the texture of a quail egg. Vector abstract texture background White speckles on black background. Seamless dust noise film texture. Old grunge particles, scratches, fibers, flecks repeating wallpaper. Vintage rough dirt overlay. Vector grit sand speck effect Seamless dotted pattern. Black noise grain repeating texture. Particles, splashes, drops, pieces, specks, speckles wallpaper. Random grunge grit background. Vector backdrop
Premium results from Shutterstock:
Dirty Texture, Grainy Texture, Dusty Old Texture, Specks Grit Rough Sand Vector Illustration Background Dirty Specks Grit Rough Sand Vintage Isolated Vector Texture galaxy cosmos star pattern Hand drawn falling snow spray winter. Vector texture background Light cream seamless grain paper texture. Vintage ecru background with dots, speckles, specks, flecks, particles. Craft repeating wallpaper. Natural white grunge surface background. Vector backdrop

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